This is a short introduction in English to some of the services we have to offer.


Norwegian public library services are free and available to everyone living in Norway. At Skien library, you can borrow books, DVDs, newspapers, magazines and language courses. You are also welcome to use our computers with office software and Internet access, make prints and copies (for a modest fee), borrow rooms for study groups or just sit down and relax in a friendly environment. And we have a free wireless network.


Welcome to the Language Café

If you are new to Norwegian we would like to draw your attention to the Language Café (Språkkafé). This is an unformal gathering where the participants join in on custom level conversations in Norwegian, ideal for practising Norwegian while learning more about Norwegian culture and customs, and at the same time making new friends around the table. Check our event calendar for the word Språkkafé.


Books in many languages

Click here to search our catalogue with an English interface. Skien library has a large collection of books for children and adults in the following languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Somali. In addition, there are smaller collections available in Albanian, French, Italian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Vietnamese, as well as some newspapers and magazines. If you want to search in our database for books in a specific language, it is important to fill in the language in our advanced search tool. We are happy to help you order books and other media from Det flerspråklige bibliotek (DFB, The multilingual library). Their collection has more than 50 000 books in 64 languages. You can also use your national library card to make an order from DFB. If you don’t have one, you can order it here.

The library also hosts more than 100 events every year, like public discussions, book launches and other literary events, readings for children, movie nights etc.


Read international newspapers and magazines through PressReader

The online service PressReader offers free unlimited access to over 5 500 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages from all over the world. You can visit the site through our public computers or wireless network. If you use your own device, you can take PressReader with you when you go for 72 hours. To keep your subscription going just revisit us or another of the 20 000 PressReader hotspots around the world. There are thousands of hotspots, among them all the public libraries in Telemark.


Hva skjer i dag?

13:00 Kulturknøttene 0-3 år
Kulturknøttene 0-3 år
sep 17@13:00-14:00
Kulturknøttene 0-3 år
Kulturknøttene Denne høsten samarbeider Kulturkvartalet om et tilbud til de aller minste. Aktivitetene vil foregå på Ibsenhuset og Kulturskolen og Skien bibliotek tirsdager klokka 13.00. Perfekt for deg som er i barselpermisjon! Velkommen til Kulturkvartalet[...]
17:30 Språkkafe/Language Café
Språkkafe/Language Café
sep 17@17:30-18:30
Språkkafe/Language Café
Velkommen på språkkafé tre ganger i uka For deg som vil bli bedre i norsk. Gratis, bare møt opp for å delta. Språkverter drar i gang samtaler rundt temaer som gir kunnskap om norsk språk[...]
18:30 Mållaget Dag: Halvor Kleppen
Mållaget Dag: Halvor Kleppen
sep 17@18:30-20:00
Mållaget Dag: Halvor Kleppen
Halvor Kleppen: «Snowshoe Thompson – Jon frå Tinn». Halvor Kleppen vil halda eit biletkåseri der han tek oss med på ei ferd frå Tessungdalen til Rocky Mountains i fotefara til Snowshoe Thompson, eller Jon Torsteinson[...]

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