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  1. Anyone living in Norway may borrow at Skien library, free of charge.
  2. Anyone who has started school can obtain their own library card. Children under 15 years of age have to meet up at the library accompanied by parents or guardians to be registered. The library requires credentials for issuing a library card for anyone over 15 years.
  3. The library card is free of charge when first issued. If you want to borrow anything from the library you must bring the library card, either as a plastic card or through the Bibliofil app on your mobile or tablet. If you loose your library card, you have to pay for a new one. It costs NOK 10, – for those over 15 years of age and NOK 5, – for those under 15.
  4. You may borrow as many books, DVDs, audiobooks, periodicals and newspapers you want, but not the latest issue of a magazine or newspaper.
  5. The loan period is four weeks. A loan may be extended as long as no other patrons have reserved the title. The loan period for DVDs and periodicals is two weeks. This can be extended with one week. Other rules apply for interlibrary loans and language courses, and for reading circles and institutions. Unfortunately we cannot lend out books that are placed in the study room or archive copies from the local collection.
  6. If you exceed the loan period, we will send out a claim for delivery and demand a fee according to fixed tariffs:
    Adults Children (under 15 years)
    First notification NOK 25,- NOK 10,-
    Second notification NOK 50,- NOK 15,-
    Third notification NOK 75,- NOK 20,-
  7. You are obliged to keep your contact information up to date.
  8. If you loose something you have borrowed or it becomes damaged it must be replaced according to fixed tariffs.
  9. If you do not comply with library rules you may lose the right to borrow.
  10. The library card is personal. Let us know if you loose it.
  11. Patrons are obliged to keep themselves informed on our loan regulations.



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